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Donating to PMH

To ensure a safe and healthy environment throughout the Child and Adolescent Health Service (CAHS) certain standards have been put in place to ensure donated goods are hygienic, healthy and in the best interests of the children.

The CAHS supports the immediate environment for all patients at Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH) including medical equipment, furnishings, surroundings, toys and food.

Since the launch of the "Better Food for Healthier Children" campaign in October 2006 PMH has followed a nutritional policy for all food made available to patients and families on PMH premises. This new policy includes limiting access to junk food and foods high in fat and sugar.

Further to this, gifts of home-made consumable goods of any kind can no longer be accepted by PMH due to the risk of contamination by other sources such as nuts. This is regrettable but PMH must put patient safety first.

In addition, all donated toys, books and games (including jigsaws) will be individually assessed by hospital staff to ensure that they are safe and acceptable under the policy. Due to hygiene reasons the staff can only accept gifts of new toys and these must only be donated if they are in the original packaging.

The Health Service reserves the right to accept or decline any gift, present or donation if it is not deemed safe or acceptable under CAHS policy.

Anyone wishing to donate gifts directly to unspecified patients, wards or staff require written approval to be on site. Without this approval all gifts must be left at the main enquiry desk near the main entrance for eventual distribution.

Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation (PMH Foundation) is the official fundraising body for the CAHS. Monetary donations specifically for the hospital should be made directly to the PMH Foundation by calling 9489 1100.



















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