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About the Early Intervention Clinic

The Early Intervention Clinic sees children aged 0–2 years who are displaying delay in their development or are at risk of developmental delay. The Early Intervention Team includes a Developmental Paediatrician, Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapist, Speech Pathologist and Social Worker. The Team works with families to help children reach their developmental potential. The Team can provide a comprehensive assessment and information about your child’s abilities in a number of areas, including:

  • Physical and gross motor ability.
  • Fine motor coordination and play skills.
  • Social interaction and communication skills.
  • Feeding and self-help skills.

The Early Intervention Team can then determine if any therapy services are needed to promote your child’s development.


Referrals to the Early Intervention Clinic can come from your child's medical specialist.

Clinic Times

Early Intervention Clinics are held once a week in the Paediatric Rehabilitation Department (Level 5, Hay St Building, PMH). The clinic appointments take about three hours and include developmental assessment/therapy, a short break, then time for discussion and planning with the whole team.

Initial Contact

When the referral has been made by your child's consultant and accepted for the program, you will be contacted by one of the team members who has been allocated to be your primary contact person. They will provide practical information about the program and will talk to you about what you see as current needs for your child and family. You will be advised of the date for your appointment in the Early Intervention Clinic and have an opportunity to change the date if this does not suit you.

During the Clinic Appointment

  • The Developmental Paediatrician assesses the child’s medical and overall development.
  • The Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapist and Speech Pathologist will conduct a joint assessment.
  • The Social Worker provides support and community links.
  • The parent/caregiver provides valuable information about their child's strengths and needs.

After the Clinic Appointment

  • Follow up appointments will be arranged if required.
  • Therapy within the PMH Early Intervention Program may be provided.
  • Therapy services in your local community may be suggested.

Therapy Programs

Therapists will make a therapy plan with you which may include individual appointments with one therapist or joint therapy appointments where therapies are combined into one session eg, speech pathology and occupational therapy. There are group programs which are run from time to time according to the needs of families. Transport can be arranged through the PMH transport department if you require assistance in getting to and from appointments. Please advise if you need to reschedule appointments to fit in with other commitments at home or within the hospital.


The Wriggles and Giggles Playgroup is run once or twice a year for families within the Early Intervention Program. Entry into the playgroup is through invitation as families are linked according to their individual needs. It is usually run once a week for 6 to 8 weeks.

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