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What does the Refugee Health Clinic provide?

photo of refugee clinic children

The PMH Refugee Health Clinic aims to coordinate and manage the complex care needs of recently resettled refugee and asylum seeker children under 16 years of age.

This is a holistic service with specialist staff including:

  • Medical staff (Paediatric consultants, GP, Refugee Health Senior Registrar)
  • Nurses (Refugee Liaison Nurse, Community Health Nurse and Clinic Nurse)
  • Social worker
  • Dietician
  • School teacher liaison
  • Dental Registrar
  • Psychology liaison

The clinic aims to meet the medical, developmental, educational and psychosocial domains of refugee children and adolescents. Children are assessed in family groups wherever possible to minimize disruption to the resettlement process.

Families need to bring to the appointment any health history information available including vaccination records; along with Medicare card or IHMS card.

Professional interpreters are used as required, onsite interpreting is provided wherever possible.

Screening blood tests including QuantiFERON®-TB Gold for latent tuberculosis screening will be attended to at the clinic, if they have not been performed prior to the visit.

Refugee Clinic Brochure

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Referral Information

Referrals can be made by medical practitioners, Humanitarian Entrant Health Service, Refugee Health Community Nurses, or IHMS services.

Please complete PMH referral form available online at: Electronic form, Printable form

Email completed referrals to RefugeeHealth.PMH@health.wa.gov.au

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Information about clinic appointments

The Refugee Health Clinic operates one day a week on a Monday. The first visit will involve review by the team including medical staff, dietician, social worker and immunization nurse. This will be a long appointment up to 4 hours in duration. Families are encouraged to bring a snack for children during the appointment. Follow up visits are shorter in duration and the visit will be tailored to the child/family needs.

All families attending the clinic for the first time are offered assistance with transport.

A volunteer bus service is available through the assistance of the PMH Foundation.

When attending the clinic the families are shown how to access the clinic from the city with the use of the Yellow CAT bus service.

Yellow CAT bus map from The Wellington St Train Station
Yellow CAT bus map from The Wellington St Bus Station

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Contact information


Refugee Liaison Nurse

 (08) 93407649/ 0420983290

Available Monday to Friday
8:00am  to 4:00 pm


(08) 93407652




Clinic Location:

Dorothy Surman Centre: 80 Hay Street, Subiaco WA 6008
T: 6380 2705           

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Ongoing Care

The Refugee Health Clinic is a short-medium term health provider and children will be referred back to their local GP for ongoing care and / referred to other subspecialists as required.

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